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Here I Go Boyaa!

Well, I was able to take care of all 23 comments to you and to other LJ comments.  I was able to reply to emails sent (one requiers a bit of time, however I read it and responded I did so).  I am about ready to complete FORUM updates.  All this and it is ONLY 214p.  JOHD... I can do anything, I can.  With the grace of God, and the will to want to better the life of the world, I can take over time management and procrastination.  I have a positive outlook on things.  Heck, I even can sing to my present and think about replies and write those replies at the same time!!

I want to take a quick shot, JOHD, to adknowledge humans.  Oh yeah, and I want to apologize for calling you a male, yeah, I can imagine the insult that was, hehehe.

(the following has intent for human eyes)

Thank you everyone.  Thank you humans for being there for me when you were, even if not always, for being there.  Thanks especially go to (in alphanumeric order):

-God: thank You for Jesus.  Thank You for the Holy Ghost.  Thank You for the wonderful life I have.  Thank you for being such an understanding deity towards my feelings.  Thank You for the Love you have entrusted with me.  Thank You for Pink Floyd.  Thank You for music.  Thank You for everything.  Thank You for watching out over me in a way that no other ever could.  Thank You for carrying me when in the sand there was only one set of footprints.  Thank You for understanding my errors of being human.

-dITZ: Thank you for sticking around with me for over the 10 years of think and thin issues.  Thank you for jolting the thoughts and love of God with me.  Thank you for the many insane good times that left me in the ground in pain due to insanic laughter.  Thank you for all the games you play with me seeing as how you have motion sickness.  Thank you for the calls out of no where and not expecting me to call you back.  Thank you for the many times you have respected my desissions even if they went against what you would want to do.  Thank you for the CLOSEST attempt in my life time towards raspberry ice cream.  Thank you for showing up at my apartment some 9 years ago with raspberry sherbert.  Thank you for the many times you got me high and asked for nothing in return.  Thank you for the many invites to dinner.  Thank you for the many invites to play video games.  Thank you for how much you got into Gauntlet 64.  Thank you for the many times you defended who I was against others who would do me wrong.  Thank you for believing my claims to honesty.

-Foffie: thank you for my New York experience.  Thank you for being an active part of my forums.  Thank you for still having cares for me even with a significant other in your life.  Thank you for being active in my life.  Thank you for the Field of Dreams experience.

-Gretl: for having the positive and wonderful attitude towards me to this day despite all the reasons she could go the other way.  Thank you for being understanding, and thank you for being caring, and thank you for the many numberous times you have been there when others have not.  Thank you for the displays of caring about my feelings.  Thank you for being so open to the truth on both your side and mine.  Thank you for being honest to me.  Thank you for joining my forum and being a part of my community.  Thank you for telling me your real feelings towards how I have been.  Thank you for being one of a few who pointed out how much I do not show my appriciation towards others for the positive things they have done towards me.  Thank you for still seeing me as your best friend.  Thank you for not giving up hope on me.

-Gizmo: for being the ear to listen to me in a way that others may not.  For bring other male perspectives to me, since I may some times be confused on what else goes thru the male mind.  Thanks for being willing to drive many numberous miles to come to my aid if it would help me out.  Thanks for all the interest in wanting to be my roomate, and the massive amounts of positive things said about me.  No other human has said so many good things about me before with nil negative things said about me.  No other human has almost praised me to the point you do without it being obsessive or in attempts to get something such as money or favors from me.  You look on the positive side of me, and you yourself are an extremely positive person.  Thank you.  Thank you for being a big part of my forums and my life.

-LacyJane: for having the feelings that you have had.  Also, thank you for showing the most interest in regards to what is happening in my life.  Thank you for being the driving force that got my forums up, and also thank you for giving me a reason to keep my thoughts open to the world.  Thank you for all the positive things, and thank you for the excellent chats.  Thank you so very much for simply dropping me a line on yahoo or the like, showing me that you are still thinking about me and that I have a decent place in your heart.

-Madd: thank you for being the most honest human being I have ever met.  Thank you for not being a quitter.  Thank you all your excellent abilities that you have.  Thank you for everything you have given me.  Thank you for not giving up on even the most difficult of friends who really do care about you.  Thank you for doing everything possible to be honest to me.  Thank you for being such a kind and compassionate human being.  Thank you for all the excellent music experiences you have given me.  Thank you for not being a drug user.  Thank you for the many times you got up and did something (like your US West job).  Thank you for showing emotion /T when it really meant something to me.  Thank you, most of all, for not being like anyone else and actually being you.  Thank you for the individuality.

-Melissa: for being able to have the feelings for me that you do.  For being willing to take care of me the way you would.  For being my friend and showing how much you care for me.  Thank you for realizing that I am not going to up and leave you.  Thank you for all the times you defended my honor.  Thank you for doing my dishes.  Thank you for writing to me more than almost anyone else does.  Thank you for all the comments to my forum since its maintainence is special to me.  Thank you for helping me realize how much I do not show the appriciate I could with those who I care about.

-Moondrop: thank you for a wonderful time in the land of Yeast and Cheese™.  Thank you for some intense conversation, something I enjoy.  Thank you for being so willing to hang out with me with such a busy time going on in your life.  Thank you for all the compassion and trust you have ever shown in me.  Thank you for taking care of my DVD and making sure it finds a place back in my collection.  Thank you for being my friend.

-Myles: thank you for simply being you.  Thank you for being one of two best friends I have ever had.  Thank you for having faith in me and trusting me more than any human on this planet, and showing that through actions.  Thank you for all the musical influence you have inspired with me.  Thank you for all the movie influence you have also inspired in me.

-Stingray: thank you for the intense love towards me.  Thank you for saying that you love me, for it is something that I love to hear from you.  Thank you for your passion to want to play games with me.  Thank you for the guitare.  Thank you for the strong desire to want to play music with me.  Thank you for all the music you have created and sent to me.  Thank you for the special dedication song by a band I love more than words can describe.  Thank you for being around so long and not allowing time to break us up (how... ironic I just said that).  Thank you for SEARCHING for my existance when I thought you were permenately gone.  Thank you for coming back into my life.  Thank you for something that I just forgot what it was (but know it musta been important).  Oh yeah!!  Thank you for a most mind-blowing surprise seeing me with Foffie.  Thank you for coming up to visit me and doing your best to keep the tradition alive.

-Quirky: thank you for still being around for me.  Thank you for still having the desire to talk to me and for the fact you send so many notes.  Thank you for reading my away messages to see what I am up to.  Thank you for not losing feeling for me due to passage of time.  Thank you for saying nothing negative about how I do not converse as much on line as I use to.

The list appears short, however I make this list with the most active humans in my life.  I apologize for anyone who feels that s/he (that is she and he) is suppose to be on this list.  There are still a few of you I chat with and the like, and I appriciate what you have given me in the past.  I am more than happy to chat with you, and talk, and see how much you care.  To those who do care, I thank you for that, and thank you for the many conversations.  This list is graditude towards current active people who deserve to hear from me that I care and appricate what they continue to due for me.  Realize if at this time I add everyone, I would be here an extra 9 hours, and I am attempting to get SOME things done, hahaha.

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