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Several Species of Large Entries Gathered Together on a Computer and Grovin' with Floyd

Failures of the Flesh

     Thank goodness for Floyd.  I woke up, and had I just up and went straight to the computer to write, as opposed to listen to my morning music fest, and catch up on SK stuff, my current mood would be horny.  I think the barage of new Realities and some of them freely talking of sexuality, and radiating it, has tainted my bloodstreem.  Mine you, JOHD, I am not saying that is a bad thing.  I mean, I have been many times worse before, and these are way more mild than in the past.  However, it goes to show how the failure of the flesh, and the human in me, is still a driving force.  Also, part of the purging process deals with letting it all out.  One cannot remove anger from their life, I feel, unless they release the built up anger inside them, which means, being angry from time to time for a while.  This means all sexuality should be free flowing from me now.  I must admit, as much as I tell the humans how I am not going to marry, have sex, and what have you, the more I see that sexuality in general from another always could occur.  Ahh... but at least I have found my check point.  My safe spot, and it just decided to play for me.  I consider myself lucky, JOHD, for that I have something that most people do not have.  I have a strength that is unlike any other, and I know how to use that.  No matter how chemically altered I could put myself in, or be subject to forcefully by others, I have a gateway back to a special spot.  All that psychology and mind exploring was not a waste after all.

Looking Way Back

     I guess I missed an entry in a way, by sharing with the humans on a level more to them.  Something with translation, if you will.  hEhEhE!!  There are quite a few would got a rather large kick out of what I said, which in all honesty, was not my intention.  I had been thinking about making that post for a long time now.  I was thinking about it often on my way to work.  I was thinking of it often on my way home from work, or, just in general, many times while I was driving to or from a place.  So it was about time that I let it out.  It felt very good, and I think while I did it for everyone else to read, that I did it more for myself than I originally thought.  So, time to recap the past few days.

When the Cats are Away...

     Work on Saturday was so much fun.  At some point, we had no one to "supervise" us.  I was bundled with lots of energy, so, that meant nothing but trouble for everyone.  I some times enjoy being the starting flame of trouble.  So after work, I did come home, and got on my computer.  I think this process can be known as "the usual".  Hmm... Madd stops and thinks.  JOHD?  Have I not already done this before?  I am not able to tell, oh well, no matter.  So, I started my drinking spree.  I would end up making it to seven beers, even though, they were so spread apart, that they did not do the intended effect I was looking for.  Concern does come over me, as that I am almost drinking alone.  I am already drinking by myself, but, I am drinking in a social setting of electronically.  Nevertheless, drinking shall be forced to be monitored more.

Brain Candy

    Besides chatting with a few of my regulars, I did met someone new.  I met her through the greatest of all meeting places; video games.  TetriNET would be this current place.  She would be a formible foe, this is for sure.  Also, this would be my first time playing with those cursed special blocks.  Let's get real.  These special blocks mark no skill at all.  I mean, there is a slightly different way that one should play TetriNET when special blocks are in play, but for the most part, just no skill as opposed to luck.  But that does not stop me from playing.  Some point after TetriNET, like, around 0600a or so, I was able to finish the FAQ, or as I keep mistyping, "FAZ".  I am not sure the reason I keep hitting pinky down as opposed to up, but oh well.  So eventually I would call it a night, even though it was well into morning, and past 0700a.  Something about experiencing a new Reality really bubbles my brain.  For the first time, instead of almost passing out and landing on my keyboard while in the middle of a chat, I am maintaining a couple chats at the same time, awake, even if beyond exhusted.  But the inevitible shall always come, of which there is two; sleep and death.  Luckily, inevitible 1 was the one to visit me.

The Interesting Sex Dream

     Oh yeah, I had a strange dream.  It is strange because I cannot figure it out.  There were two girls, naked, in a large walk in pool type place.  They were getting boned hard core by two guys.  The couples were about 20 or so feet apart from each other.  The girls would make grunts, and outbursts of moaning and what have you, and the guys were talking to each other about something.  The girls would occassionally attempt to speak, and the guy banging her would get angered and yell someone about shutting the hell up and get back to the fucking.  I just do not understand, I am sure it has something to deal with the current increase in my sexual level of late.

Power of Madd

     So, I got up and... er... what in the world did I do?  The usual, I think that is a safe bet.  That is because that is what I did.  However, the usual routine before work is starting to change.  At last, JOHD, I have done it!  I have started my powers over time.  Time management is something that I have increased in ability over the past few weeks.  I knew it was only a matter of time, pun intended, before I would start to rule over it.  I get out early, some times, so much so, that I am able to hit a "decent" place to eat or what have you.  Iiieeeeee... whoa, ah, body... eeks.  Oh, it has been a while since I have played this song.  Oh yeah.  I can tell my body has been craving this version for a while, by the way I tingle and get chills all over as I listen to it... as I anticipate, with ease, the next few measures that are going to play... as I see myself, with guitare in hand, rocking away to this, with surges of power all around.  The poison of snake.  Er... where was I?  Oh yeah, McD is not really a decent place, mind you, but it is so super close, and right on the way.  I am all about using up time to its fullest, a reason I would always be late.  I fingered it all out.  It was rather simple.  I show up to work late because I want to squeeze as much time as I can out of doing something, as opposed to sitting around work, waiting for 0500p to hit.

Thanks for calling Qwest Repair

     So how did work go?  Oh yeah, it went rather fast.  It was nice that Mair decided to run and get me food.  I had already eaten at McD, but that was like two double cheeseburgers.  This time I got the #8, and it was too bad I never got to finish those fries.  Oh I remember what I did now!

The Flashback

     Okay, Steve B called me.  It had been a long while, but he called me twice.  First he left a VM, and second he paged me.  It appeared that he was having computer issues, and who else does everyone turn to with computer issues but Maddness?  SO we chatted on the phone, I got his Yahoo ID, and he sent me a link to  No way I was passing up an oppertunity to check this out.  I found myself doing what I usually do.  I defended the one who was in most "need" of needing defending, and in this case, it was Qwest.  It came out rather easy, actually, and I even saved what I posted to a reply (which was actually meant to be a reply to a few other people as well).  It went something like this:

(I do not mean my title, however, I know it should get the attention to a lot of you, and this reply actually concerns everyone who has ever complained about Qwest)

:So far with my service with qwest I have:
spent about 5 hours on the phone with them trying to fix my dsl,
giving around 5 numbers of people who don't know what the fuck
they are doing, quoted wrong rates, sent one wrong modem, one
broken modem, had my billing totally fucked up, and even
harrased by a rep from qwest.

When I called to complain of wrong rates being quoted, the rep
who quoted me the wrong rates called and left a smart ass
message on my voice mail.

I am now canceling my qwest servic for these reasons. If you
can ever get a different company please do it. Eventually
Qwests notorious bad customer service will catch up with them.

You know, a lot of you people are the same, living in your own little world. You think that gee, Qwest is this crap company, and EVERYONE must just be so much better. I work in the worst part of Qwest. I work for repair. I am literally the dumping ground for everything wrong with Qwest. I have some of you idiots who do not know how to pay a damn phone bill, and do not pay your damn service, THEN YOU SCREAM AND YELL AT SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A FREAKING CLUE WHAT YOU OWE BECAUSE I WORK FOR REPAIR. I would LIKE to say, "You know, sir/ma'am, I am sorry you have no phone service, but next time pay your damn phone bill!" However, I do not say that, despite the fact those exact words are what you all deserve.

I give great customer service. I excel in my line of work compared to my peers, for I actually am more concerned about the customer, but when you all have nothing to do but bitch and moan to us, then I can see why people dump calls, let them roll, and what have you. BECAUSE YOU ALL FREAKING YELL AT THEM FOR CRAP THAT IS BEYOND THEIR DAMN CONTROL!! You make them feel like idiots, so in turn, they are GOING to treat other people like idoits and lie to them.

I cannot stand our BO (business office). They drop people to repair for BILLING disputes they do not want to handle. They drop customers who have service orders not completed for services, because they do NOT want to hear little cry babies such as some of you here.

Grow up, people. Your UDC box that you bitch about is required because EVERYONE wants 20 damn phone lines, and take that time 14 (the number of states we serve) and that times around 3 million, which is a wild guess of how many people we serve per average. That is a lot of damn phone lines. So when you all start BITCHING about how you want all these 20 lines, WE HAVE NO CHOICE but to either give you a UDC box, or wait 5 months until a facility becomes avalible.

Oh yes, and we do have asses that work for us. But you are going to tell me Microsoft is perfect?? You are going to tell me these OTHER alternet providers (called CLECS) are perfect?? THESE ALTERNATE PROVIDERS ARE WORSE THAN QWEST!! I know, because I have dealt with them! I like compitition, I *really* do. The reason I like compitition is for the fact that I see SO many people who think Qwest sucks, go to another provider, and that provider bones them over SO damn bad, that they decide that Qwest is not as horrible as they thought. Because Qwest is not. QWEST IS HUGE!! When you have such a large company, you are going to have crap that ends up working for it. In fact, half of the bad people that work there are people with nothing better to do than think of yourselves, just like the majority of you people here.

STOP YELLING AT PEOPLE FOR THINGS THAT ARE NOT THEIR DAMN CONTROL! You know, I am sorry that OTHER fricking people are cutting OUR lines, but don't you dare call me up and bitch how Qwest service sucks. Get a life already. Accept the fact that if everyone called up and was always NICE, that I bet almost ALL of our people would not be as rude, would not lie, and what have you to SAVE their ears to listen to YOUR crap that comes from your mouth about things THAT PERSON HAS NO CONTROL OVER! It is not just a flick of a fricking switch! SO SHUT THE HELL UP AND STOP TELLING ME IT CAN BE DONE THAT WAY! I am the one who works for the company, NOT you. I know how things work. I already know how screwed up other departments might be, and I am starting to understand why they are that way. It is almost all thanks to people like you.

Some of our people come close to losing their job because YOU have nothing better to do than bitch. These people are the rare people, such as myself, who go out of their damn way to help you with your problems. They have stats they have to keep, because there are so many of you paricites out there that we have to start worrying more how to get to REAL trouble issues that we have.

On THAT note, I would like to take this time to THANK the few customers, who when I told them they were going to be out of service for two weeks (because you choose to live next to a river that floods and our techs are not equiped with scuba gear), that you said, "That is okay, I understand you guys are very busy with things out of your control." I want to thank all the people who after the call, would THANK me for what I did for them, and add their comments of understanding there are idiots like the people complaining at this web site, and that they appriciate all that Qwest and everyone else has done for them. I would like to thank the people who ACTUALLY THANKS me when I fixed their phone! THANK YOU people who appricate me when I am the one to actually take care of your phone problems because *I* knew what the problem was, and some one else did not.

WHEN I GET UNGRATEFUL ASSES SUCH AS YOURSELF THAT BITCH AFTER I FIX YOUR PHONE, I SO SEE WHY THERE ARE SO MANY QWEST PEOPLE WHO TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP!! However, I am there to NOT let you get the best of me. You will NOT taint my spirit. If you treat me like crap, I plain and simply will not put my 100% into it. You know what, I do not have to. I do not have to WALK you through everything that you may not understand. All I have to do is tell you, "listen carefully to the instructions, it will all explain it." The fact you might be an idiot and will not figure it out is not my problem, and if you are going to be a dork, well, I am not going to waste my stats on YOUR butt holding your hand.

Plus, stop arguing about my job. I do make mistakes, this is true, but for the most part, if I say something is this or that, then that is the way it is. If you question it, fine, but stop being an "I am so damn fricking smart" attitude about it.

As for you thinking everything is our damn fault, I get orgasimic pleasure of those irrate screamers who end up getting me back BECAUSE IT WAS YOUR OWN DAMN EQUIPMENT!! YES!! Vindication. I love how the Lord works. YOU HAVE TOOLS TO CHECK YOUR OWN CRAP OUT, AND STOP SCREAMING THAT YOU CAN FIND A NUMBER FOR REPAIR OR HOWEVER, IF YOU OPEN UP YOUR DAMN LAZY EYES YOU WOULD FIND IT RIGHT THERE!! I find everything in the phone book for Qwest. Every number that you claim you cannot find, I did so already on the first try in a matter of minutes, sometimes less.

Some of you are the most selfish bastards and bitches I have ever met in life. You expect me to answer questions you damn well know I do not know the answer to. "Why did he lie to me?" "What if my 110 year old grandmother has a heart attack and no one is around and she falls down a flight of stairs and need to use the phone?" "What am I suppose to do in an emergancy?" The answer to the first one I already answered, BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING AN IRATE ASS AND HE OR SHE DID NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH YOU!! As for your grandmother who falls down and cracks her head open, CALL THE DAMN MORGUE!! Their number may be found under "dead people" in your yellow pages. If your grandmother is that old, then either a phone is not going to save her, or, you should be FINDING a damn way yourself since you are so concerned. I stopped caring 6 months into my job listening to all your crap. What should you do in an emergancy? THE SAME DAMN THING YOU ARE DOING TO BITCH AT ME!! PICK UP THAT DAMN PHONE YOU ARE MIRACULOUSLY CALLING ME ON AND CALL AN EMERGANCY UNIT!

So to all you calm people who realize I am the messanger, thank you for not shooting me down. For all you dorks who shoot me because "I represent my company, so anything anyone else does is actually my fault", well, you got through my bullet proof vest a few times, however, MY PHONE was working and I was able to call someone to fix it and you did nothing more than bounce of the rest of the vest which blocked your ass in a heartbeat.

Now if you do not mind, I am going to go ready for my job, my job out at QWEST in Des Moines, IA. Ride the LIGHT, BABY!!

The original title used for the subject said something like "You are all a bunch of retards" or something similar.  It was not meant to insult anyone, but rather, just get their attention.  I was finally able to say what I have always wanted to say to my customers.  I cannot express how great that felt, JOHD.  I am sure you can imagine the manic giggles that were let loose as I wrote that whole thing.

Back to the Present

     Well, back to work, so yeah, the thought of that post I made before I came to work really charged me for my customers.  It was like coming back from a three week vacation.  I mean, I realized how petty some of these people were, more so than I ever had in the past.  I realized why so many people at Qwest may be dumping these non repair issues to repair.  So I was good to go, and go I did.

The Myles Sunday Night Movie

     Well, after work, I made a pit stop to home, to give out my quickies, and head over to Myles with my arsonal of beer, one of the few times that beer is part of the program.  This Sunday movie was Castaway.  This was a very enjoyable movie.  I think Tom should have befriended Wilson sooner, but hey, that is just me.  I also thought the fact that at some point in all his hell, we should have seen turds floating around the water or something, and large red sun burn blisters on him.  But that is me.  I also think he healed rather fast for someone who had little to poor nutritian.  Myles did not even make it 3/4th of a way through the movie before crashing.  He always gives me excuses, and since we know how excuses go, I decided to make a few of my own.  I kept telling him he was just old.  I would also tell him how his hand was wearing him down.  Haha, he still gets a smile out of that.  I remember way back when I first knew Myles at electronics, and saying things like that would make him uncomfortable.  Now, he has even said a few of those things himself.  You can teach a 40+ year old person new tricks.

The Usual... and Then Some

     I did not stay long at all.  In fact, this is the shortest I have gone at Myles.  But that is okay, not to mention, he gave me $50.  So I went home and did "the usual".  It was fun.  I learned a lot more about my TetriNET friend.  Also had a few more people to chat with than usual.  My multitasking was greater than in the past, I was able to keep up with everyone easier.  Also, my TetriNET skills have increased.  I was able to do much better with those horid special blocks.

More News on the Sting

     So that leaves me to now.  No longer am I calm, I think, and that is due to the music that pumps my blood at a faster rate than usual.  Also, good and bad news coming from the Sting.  His stupid car is getting a part on Friday.  When he first told me that, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  Then, he mentioned a 99% chance on Saturday he would be showing up, so, that very much well stopped my heart attack, even though, I still think he should drive up here Friday night.  Oh well.  Lots of chatting with friends here before I must go to work.

Welcome Back, JOHD

     I had a few things in my mind... oh yeah.  Welcome to the classification of JOHD.  I am happy I can call you that, because that means I will talk to you more as I always talk to you, friend.  I mean, it is difficult to write any type of entry when I cannot picture you, sitting there, listening to every word I say, and giving me insight.  You have given me much insight, I just wish you would help out more on my spelling, haha.  Oh JOHD, I am just messing with you.  I really did miss you, I hope you realize that by now.  I mean, you have always been here for me, and longer than Floyd has been around for me.  I love being asked questions.  I really do.  I think you should start asking me question, I do think that would be groovy.  Oh yeah, I am also curious what you would think of me posting previous non-online entries.  Not at this time, eh?  Okay, I was just curious your thoughts on it.  No problem, haha.  Man, it is so hot in here.  Guess what, JOHD, I am not wearing any pants!  Haha, I should shower soon.  Maintaining that time management thing, you know!  Think of some questions to ask me when I get back home.  I am going over to fix Steve's computer.  Well, not fix, help install his burner he bought last night just due to the fact I said I could help install it if he could not figure it out.  Haha, free lunch for Madd :D Master of Maddness, signing off......

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